1.1  Write a program to play the following game:  The computer 
picks a number to print the message "I am thinking of a number.  
What is the number?"  The computer tells the user if the guess is 
too high or too low.  Use numbers between 1 and 100 and allow the 
user 7 guesses. 
1.2  Write a program to find all numbers less than 50 which can be 
written as the sum of two squares, i.e. 20 = 2^2 + 4^2. 
1.3  Write a program to determine the sum of all numbers between 
100 and 1000 divisible by 14. 
1.4  Write a program that will generate a random time (1-12, 0-60) 
for hours, minutes.  Add to this another random time.  Have the 
computer print both times using (:) to separate hours from minutes 
and the time that the clock would read when added together.  (Use 
only a 12-hour clock). 
1.5  Write a program to calculate the roots of a quadratic 
equation.  The equation must be in the following form: 
ax^2 + bx + c = 0. 
                roots = -b +- \/  b^2 - 4ac 
Have the computer print roots if the roots are real.  Print only 
"complex" if not real.  The user inputs the coefficients a, b, c. 

1.6  Write a program that lists the prime factors of a positive 
integer <= 100. 
1.7  Write a program that calculates the future value of an 
investment (T) when interest is a factor, using the following 
     T = P(1 + i/N) 
where T = total value after Years (Future value) 
      P = initial investment 
      i = nominal interest rate 
      N = number of compounding periods per year
      y = number of years 

1.8  Write a program to find three positive integers such that 
their sum is 43 and the sum of their cubes is 17299. 
1.9  Write a program that prints any keyboard symbol on the screen 
for exactly 45 seconds. 
1.10  Write a program to accept a user's terminating decimal input 
and print its equivalent fractional notation. 
1.11  Write a program that prints an asterisk in the center of the 
screen.  When the user types a U the star moves up, D down, R to 
the right, L to the left.  Do not leave a sketched path, only one 
asterisk appears on the screen.

2.1  Write a program that calculates the day to the week that a 
given date falls upon for 1982.  January 1 was a Friday.  Let the 
user enter the date in numeric form in the order of the month and 
day.  May 29 will be entered as 5, 29. 
2.2  Write a program that calculates the area of a polygon, using 
the following formula: 
     Area = [(X1 + X2) * (Y1 + Y2) + (X2 + X3) * (Y2 + Y3) + 
             .... (Xn + X1) * (Yn + Y1)] * 1/2 
where n = the number of vertices.  Let the user supply the x and y 
coordinates of all vertices.  Have the computer ask for the number 
of vertices. 
2.3  Write a program to find a five digit number which when 
multiplied by four has its digits reversed. 
2.4  153 is an interesting number because 153 = 1^3 + 5^3 + 3^3.  
Write a program to find three other three-digit numbers like 153. 
2.5  Write a program to make a computer print the user's name in a 
zigzag pattern from one side of the screen to the other and back 
again (only one letter per line.) 
2.6  Write a program to repeatedly print a stick figure.  Make the 
figure wave his arm. 
2.7  Write a program that will accept the user's letters.  Have 
the program randomly scramble them until a word appears.  (The 
user's letters will be able to make a word). 
2.8  Write a program to drill typing skills.  Have the computer 
print four random letters, numbers, or symbols.  The computer is 
to wait for the user's response.  If the user types all four 
correctly, print time that elapsed.  If wrong, tell which keys 
were not typed correctly. 

2.9  Write a program that asks the user for the price of an item 
and what denomination of money the user has.  Have the computer 
print the change returned using the fewest coins and bills 
possible.  (No half-dollars to be used). 

2.10  Write a program that converts a measure given in anglo units 
to metric units.  Make the following conversions available:  
inches to centimeters, feet to centimeters, feet to meters, yards 
to meters, miles to kilometers. 
   Note: 1 inch =      2.54 centimeters 
         1 foot =        12 inches 
         1 yard =         3 feet 
         1 meter =      100 centimeters 
         1 kilometer = 1000 meters 
         1 mile =      5280 feet 
2.11  Write a program to find four integers A, B, C and D which 
      A^B x C^D = ABCD 
2.12  Write a program that calculates the number of days between 
two given dates in the same year.  The program should assume there 
is one day between today and tomorrow, there are two days between 
May 1 and May 3. 
2.13  Write a program to print a check.  Let the user provide the 
date (using numbers for month, day and year), amount, and payee of 
the check.  The program is to translate the date and amount to 
words and prints providing spacing within the check.

3.1  Write a program to play Mastermind where the user guesses the 
computers arrangement of six colors (red, white, blue, green, 
yellow, black).
3.2  Write a program to plot points on a set of coordinate axes.  
The user provides the x and y coordinates of all points to be 
plotted, the end points of the x- and y-axis, and the increment 
between points on each axis. 
The axis are to be switched so that the x-axis runs horizontal.  
The axes do not necessarily intersect at zero.  Where the axes 
meet is to be printed at the top of each graph. 
   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
   *               + (52, 58) 
   *     + 
   *           + 
3.3  A magic square is an array of numbers with just as many rows 
as columns whereby the sum of any row, column or diagonal is 
always the same.  No number may be used twice in constructing the 
Write a program to generate magic squares up to 12 x 12.  Let the 
user specify the size desired.  The sum in question may be 
3.4  Write a program to add and multiply any two Roman numerals 
inputted.  Perform both operations on the numbers and print both 
answers in Roman form.  Have the computer type out the Arabic 
equivalent underneath each set of equations. 

3.5  A 4 digit squumber is a number in which if you add the two 
left digits to the two right digits you get a number which when 
squared brings you back to the original number. 
     example:  2025 
               20 + 25 = 45 and (45)^2 = 2025 
Write a program to find all 4 digit squumbers! 
3.6  Write a program to play NIM with a user. 
3.7  Write a program that accepts a list of 16 numbers from the 
user.  Have the computer ask the user for another number.  Have 
the computer print between which two numbers in the list the last 
number falls. 
3.8  BONUS 
Write a program that guesses the state of the United States of 
America that the user has in mind.  The computer asks yes or no 
     3 points if guessed in 6 or less questions 
     2 points if guessed in 7-9 questions 
     1 point  if guessed in 10-12 questions