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Doug's Hometown of Croton-on-Hudson

I lived in Croton-on-Hudson, New York for the first 10 years of my life.  I have great memories of living in this suburb village that is about 50 miles north of New York City.  My father would commute to the big city each morning by train. Since moving to Florida in 1977, I have had the opportunity to visit Croton-on-Hudson four times.  The first time was around 1979 when my father took the family to a funeral of his best friend in NY, and we then had a chance to briefly visit Croton-on-Hudson and see my closest friends.  The second time was after I graduated from high school in 1984 and I visited my best friend from elementary school, Chris Williams.  The third time was with my mom and brother Brad in 1998, just prior to traveling to the country of Portugal for business with GTE (now Verizon).  The fourth time was in 2003 when I was sent to Utica, NY for Verizon to be available to help out just in case the Union workers were to strike.  Since they did not strike, I had the opportunity to visit my hometown during one of those days with a co-worker, Tom Bee.  It is always nice to stroll down memory lane.

September 1998

I still remember our address: 135 Old Post Road South.
Mom and I visited Carston who lived across the street from us.
Our pool was a source of enjoyment for many summers! The Parishes bought our home and they still live there!
Carrie E. Tompiks Elementary School.
I attended here for 5 years.
The playground that I played in when I was a kid!
Honey's Pizza restaurant was a favorite for our family.  I remember that the pizza was very soft and slightly drippy with a sweet tomato sauce.  After a baseball game, we would sometimes celebrate at this place.  You could also select a couple of songs from the juke box after placing a couple of quarters in the machine.

August 2003

Carston and his wife Sophie - August 2003
They have two children - Carston and Sonya

Frank Catarina, his son, and grandson.  They lived two houses down the street from us.
This is the Lutheran church that I attended as a child.
Croton Harmon train station-- My father would take the train from here into NYC each morning.

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