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Teaching One Accord School of Ministry

The director of One Accord School of Ministry, Pastor Sonny Hennessy, asked if I would teach a college-level Bible class to their interns during the first semester in the Fall of 2004. After praying about it and rearranging my priorities to dedicate myself to the task of studying and teaching for nine consecutive weeks, I agreed to teach the Global & Berean sophomore class on the Book of Acts. I very much enjoyed the first class of four eager interns. I was asked if I would teach another class for the second semester in the Fall of 2004. I chose the freshman course New Testament Survey, and I had a dynamic group of nine interns. After a Christmas holiday break, I then taught three wonderful interns in the next semester on Biblical Interpretation, also called Hermeneutics. For the 1st semester in the Fall of 2005, I taught a large group of 9 sophomore/freshman interns on the Book of Acts. This was a favorite class for many, including me. For the 2nd semester in the Fall of 2005, I was asked to teach a difficult topic--Apologetics--to 7 juniors/sophomores. In the Fall of 2006, I taught the Book of Acts for the 1st semester and Apologetics for the 2nd semester.

I rejoice in their growth and accomplishments. It was a pleasure to host each class at our home for a dinner and study session prior to them taking their final exam. 

Course Semester Enrollment

Book of Acts

Fall 2004 Semester 1

4 sophomore interns: Amy, Mahlon, Natalie, and Tiffany

New Testament Survey

Fall 2004 Semester 2

9 freshman interns (7 finished): Cindy, Grant, Kathleen, Lindsey, Rachel, Season, and Stephen

Biblical Interpretation

Spring 2005 Semester 3

3 freshman interns: Grant, Kelly (from Alaska), and Lindsey

Book of Acts

Fall 2005 Semester 1

9 sophomore/freshman interns: Toni, Laura, Rachel, Season, Lenny, Grant, Cindy, Prentice, Nathan


Fall 2005 Semester 2

7 junior/sophomore interns:
Amy, Mahlon, Kelly, Laura, Lindsey, Stephen, and Tiffany

Book of Acts

Fall 2006 Semester 1

6 junior/sophomore/freshman interns: Lindsey, Stephen, Serene, Kelly,  Derrick, Josh (and brother Ryan for dinner/review)


Fall 2006 Semester 2

4 senior/junior interns: Cindy, Rachel, Season, Laura

Pastor Sonny & Doug


On August 9, 2005, Marsha and I had a nice meal and fellowship with Pastors Shawn & Sonny Hennessy. After lunch, I presented a check from Verizon for $500 to Sonny, the director of One Accord School of Ministries.
(The Verizon Foundation gives an employee a check for $500 to present to the charity where they volunteer 50 hours or more per year)

Natalie (former intern student) & Devon's wedding, Dec. 17, 2005

Pastor Sonny & Doug
On December 26, 2006, Marsha and I had another nice meal and fellowship with Pastor Sonny. After lunch, I presented a check to Sonny from Verizon for $750, as a result of volunteering 50 hours in One Accord School of Ministry.

Pastors Shawn & Sonny Hennessy moved to south Texas, where Shawn became the youth director for all the A.G. churches in the district. With that, the school moved with them. I really enjoyed teaching the interns of One Accord School of Ministries. They are now the head pastors of Revival Outreach Center in Northville, Michigan.

Boores with Woolleys
On August 5, 2008, Marsha and I had the privilege of fellowshipping with Pastors John and Priscilla Boore at the Olive Garden. Pastor John primarily leads the Youth group at VLC and Priscilla primarily leads the the School of Ministry for interns desiring to be Youth Pastors, though both help each other. Pastor Priscilla asked if I would teach their Generate interns a class in Hermeneutics in the fall. I wholeheartedly agreed, as I do see this as a "calling," and thus I am passionate about it.

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