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Doug Woolley's Diary April 8, 1985
February 8, 1987


As a long distance runner in middle school and high school, I enjoyed logging the number of miles I would run and observing my growth as a runner. To assist me in my endeavors, a relative gave me a Christmas gift, The Complete Runner's Day-by-Day Log and Calendar 1979, by James F. Fixx. For the next 5 years, I would write of my running journeys, tallying the number of miles I ran each day, week, month, and year. By the end of 1983, I had logged over 5,600 miles for my career. As my senior year at Coral Springs High School came to an end and I began my freshman year at the University of South Florida, I noticed that my log book had taken on a different theme. Since I was running only occasionally, the writings became more descriptive of my daily activities and relationships and began to occupy more space than was provided in the running log book. It was at this time in April of 1985, that I decided to write my diary in a word processor on the computer. This diary, or journal, soon increased in length and scope, recording every facet of my life, with an emphasis on my spiritual growth.

Harry J. Cargas and Rojer J. Radley, aptly define a journal in their book Keeping a Spiritual Journal:

      A journal is a book in which you keep a personal record of events in your life, of your different relationships, of your response to things, of your feelings about things--of your search to find out who you are and what the meaning of your life might be. It is a book in which you carry out the greatest of life's adventures--the discovery of yourself.

Having entered into a real relationship with Jesus Christ by faith on June 3, 1980, I continued to grow spiritually within the Lutheran church. While attending college in 1984, I joined a dormitory Bible Study that led me into a deeper walk with the Lord. Soon afterwards, I was attending a non-denominational Church and was baptized in the Holy Spirit, enabling me to be a more effective witness and servant for the Lord Jesus Christ.

My first two years of exponential spiritual growth after becoming a part of Maranatha International Christian Church are recorded in my diary from April 8, 1985 to February 8, 1987, covering 96 weeks. The diary has served its purpose and continues to be a source of encouragement for me as I see the hand of God guiding and molding my life. Having discontinued the diary, I continue to "press on towards the goal," realizing that I fall far short of God's perfect standard: Jesus Christ.

Douglas E. Woolley

January 1, 1993

You may contact me to obtain a user ID and password to view the contents of my diary.

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